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by Marco Coraggio

Synopsis: The author takes his cue from a text by the French philosopher A. Comte relating to “pure intellectual fetishism”, which defines the first mental regime of humanity “constantly characterized by the free and direct manifestation of our primitive tendency to conceive all external bodies, both natural and artificial, as if animated by a life essentially analogous to ours, with simple mutual differences of intensity». Hence the pretext for giving life to a kaleidoscopic carousel of feet, observed from a very unusual point of view.

Special thanks
Soundtrack: “Animal Rights” by deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner
deadmau5: facebook.com/deadmau5
Wolfgang Gartner: facebook.com/djwolfganggartner/
all rights reserved © 2010
(instrumental version)

Soundtrack Remix by Marco Coraggio
Video Footage and Editing by Marco Coraggio

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