Crawling Through The Wreckage: 21st Century Avant Garde Experimental Film @ Filmhuiscavia in Amsterdam

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Crawling Through The Wreckage: 21st Century Avant Garde Experimental Film  @ Filmhuiscavia in Amsterdam.
Curated by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster.

An evening of Surrealism, animation, political videoart, and handmade experimental short films (often incorporating archival materials) made in response to turn of the century trauma and shock! Highlighting punk, no budget, eco/feminist, lgbtq+, post-structuralist, hand-painted, hand-processed, etched and scratched films, agit-prop, personal films; détournements, and 3D animation; from Dadaism to one-of–a-kind surrealist dream cine-poems.

Featuring imploding blasts of eye-opening film/video art by international artists including Kasumi, Francesca Fini, Marie Craven, Gina Kamentsky, Indecline, Rhayne Vermette, Bill Domonkos, Jon Behrens, Sylvia Toy, Larry Wang, Jennifer Sharpe, Beth Holmes, Janie Geiser, Karissa Hahn, Wheeler Winston Dixon, Christina Raia, Charles Pieper, Sarah Brown, Donna Kuhn, Kim Balouch, Edward Ramsay-Morin, Eduardo Cuadrado, Isabel Chiara, Marco Coraggio, Giuseppe De MarcoLello Cicalese and more.

The screening starts at 19:30.

(Guest Curator) Gwendolyn Audrey Foster is an experimental filmmaker and author of numerous books and essays on experimental films and filmmakers, including Experimental Cinema – The Film Reader, Disruptive Feminisms, Women Film Directors, The Films of Chantal Akerman, and other works in film andcultural studies. Foster is originally from New York City and is currently Willa Cather Professor of Film Studies at the University of Nebraska.

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