LEAVE A MESSAGE by Marco Coraggio

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LEAVE A MESSAGE by Marco Coraggio
phone rings while sixty-five James Joyce’s musical notes are going on air…
by marco coraggio

anglo-saxon musical notes (A/B/C/D/E/F/G) extracted from a fragment of the James Joyce’s “Ulysses”:
Episode 11 – Sirens
“From the saloon a call came, long in dying. That was a tuningfork the tuner had that he
forgot that he now struck. Acall again. That he now poised that it now throbbed. You hear?
It throbbed, pure, purer, softly and softlier, its buzzing prongs. Longer in dying call”

sequence of notes: “FeaacacaegdgaaagfeeadaefgaecAcaagaa eedabbedeabbedeefadfebgggedgca”

an intuition by marco coraggio
performance, video and sound editing all in one, by marco coraggio
ascea marina’s cale, salerno, Italy – october 4 © 2017
all rights reserved

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