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“Men pretend do not know or simply do not want to do something to stop the massive and resourceful exploitation of natural resources, universal common good, while doing their dirty business on the Humanity’s skin. But the Planet Earth enjoys a much more longer time than the human one and, with or without us, in the end it will liberate itself from a troublenoise factor, as we are about it. I imagine a future era in which the Human Race, phagocitated by itself, will disappear and Earth will return to being a wonderful paradise… What a lucky planet!” M.C.

by Marco Coraggio
concept, video editing, sound effects…all in one
by marco coraggio
made in salerno, italy
tuesday, july 18 ©2017
all rights reserved

NIENTE DI NOI (Videoclip)

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NIENTE DI NOI (Videoclip)

Musica e testo: Ampersound

Lorenzo Annarumma: chitarra e voci
Mario De Sio: chitarra
Emanuele Noschese: batteria
Luigi Pelosio: basso e voci

Video realizzato da Marco Coraggio e Peppe De Marco

Riprese: Gianiuca Bisogno, Peppe De Marco, Emilio Gallo
Post produzione: Marco Coraggio, Peppe De Marco
Grazie a Wendy per la partecipazione e a Matteo per l’ospitalità

Ampersound su FB e Youtube
Marco Coraggio
Peppe De Marco
Prodotto da Periferie Digitali

Tutti i diritti riservati
Salerno, 27 Maggio ©2017


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“Rebels, disobedients and the refugees are humanity, dignity, creed beearers”.

HE IS A FRIEND is the new video clip of Mihretu Ghide & Panacea, the second single from the album “Zemen” and it was produced by Periferie Digitali (Digital Suburbs) directed by Peppe De Marco & Marco Coraggio.

Available on youtube February 12, 2017 from midnight, the video clip was presented first time Saturday, February 11, as part of the event/home concert broadcast in live streaming by Roberto Virtuoso.

Mihretu Ghide & Panacea

Mihretu Ghide (Voice, Krar)
Michele Longo (Percussion, Choir)
Casimiri Erario (Keyboards)
Raffaele Romano (Choir)

directed by:
Peppe De Marco
Marco Coraggio

camera operators:
Peppe De Marco
Marco Coraggio
Gianluca Bisogno

chroma key camera operator:
Gianluca Bisogno

Peppe De Marco
Marco Coraggio

audio synchro:
Michele Longo

thanks to:
Abu Sufyan Mehar
Malan Batcha
Sara Bruno
produced by:
Periferie Digitali

Song from album ZEMEN
Recorded at “Zero Level Studios”, Salerno, Italy
Mastering by Bob Fix

Original Painting by:
Lucia Lamberti

Aphorism edit by:
Valeria Cimò

info & contact
whatsapp: +39 3286674560
facebook: Mihretu Ghide & Panacea

Peppe De Marco

Marco Coraggio

Creative Commons license
February ©2017


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Original idea by Marco Coraggio
Photo shoot by Teresa Coraggio. All rights reserved ©2017
via Botteghelle, 30 – Salerno, Italy. All rights reserved ©2017
Order of appearance: Susy Sepe, Elena Adinolfi, Elena Di Legge, Paolo Amato, Ilenia Falivene, Alessandro Sabatino, Francesco Petrosino
Special guest Aku, the dog mascot
Soundtrack extracted from “Aşıkların Sözü Kalır” (Eternal Is The Word of Poets) by Baba Zula, Istanbul, Turkey. All rights reserved © 2015
Sonorization by Marco Coraggio
Video editing by Marco Coraggio
Made in Salerno, Italy
Wednesday, January 25, ©2017
All rights reserved | |
Synopsis: Fascinating walk in multicolored and proteiform world of tattoos.