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“Rebels, disobedients and the refugees are humanity, dignity, creed beearers”.

HE IS A FRIEND is the new video clip of Mihretu Ghide & Panacea, the second single from the album “Zemen” and it was produced by Periferie Digitali (Digital Suburbs) directed by Peppe De Marco & Marco Coraggio.

Available on youtube February 12, 2017 from midnight, the video clip was presented first time Saturday, February 11, as part of the event/home concert broadcast in live streaming by Roberto Virtuoso.

Mihretu Ghide & Panacea

Mihretu Ghide (Voice, Krar)
Michele Longo (Percussion, Choir)
Casimiri Erario (Keyboards)
Raffaele Romano (Choir)

directed by:
Peppe De Marco
Marco Coraggio

camera operators:
Peppe De Marco
Marco Coraggio
Gianluca Bisogno

chroma key camera operator:
Gianluca Bisogno

Peppe De Marco
Marco Coraggio

audio synchro:
Michele Longo

thanks to:
Abu Sufyan Mehar
Malan Batcha
Sara Bruno
produced by:
Periferie Digitali

Song from album ZEMEN
Recorded at “Zero Level Studios”, Salerno, Italy
Mastering by Bob Fix

Original Painting by:
Lucia Lamberti

Aphorism edit by:
Valeria Cimò

info & contact
whatsapp: +39 3286674560
e-mail: booking.panacea@gmail.com
facebook: Mihretu Ghide & Panacea

Peppe De Marco

Marco Coraggio

Creative Commons license
February ©2017


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Original idea by Marco Coraggio
Photo shoot by Teresa Coraggio. All rights reserved ©2017
via Botteghelle, 30 – Salerno, Italy. All rights reserved ©2017
Order of appearance: Susy Sepe, Elena Adinolfi, Elena Di Legge, Paolo Amato, Ilenia Falivene, Alessandro Sabatino, Francesco Petrosino
Special guest Aku, the dog mascot
Soundtrack extracted from “Aşıkların Sözü Kalır” (Eternal Is The Word of Poets) by Baba Zula, Istanbul, Turkey. All rights reserved © 2015
Sonorization by Marco Coraggio
Video editing by Marco Coraggio
Made in Salerno, Italy
Wednesday, January 25, ©2017
All rights reserved
coraggio.it | studioventuno.com | babazula.com
Synopsis: Fascinating walk in multicolored and proteiform world of tattoos.


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by Marco Coraggio
Author’s suggestions on extracts of films as a part of “THE FILM OF ELVIRA” review dedicated to the first italian woman director Elvira Coda Notari (1875-1946).
From 17 September to 2 October 2016 to Marte Mediatheque, Cava de’Tirreni (Sa), Italy.


[ E ‘piccerella ]
by Elvira Notari Coda
Dora Napoli © 1921 Film
Sound: The Charleston
Music by James P. Johnson © 1923 on text by Cecil Mack texts © 1921

[ ‘A santanotte ]
by Elvira Notari Coda
Dora Napoli © 1922 Film
Sound: Some Sunny Day
by Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra © 1922

[ Fantasy ‘and surdat ]
by Elvira Notari Coda
Dora Napoli © 1927 Film
Sound Department: Savoy Blues
by Louis Armstrong © 1927
Sound: Lacreme napulitane
by Libero Bovio and Francesco Buongiovanni © 1925

Synopsis: The title is a clear allusion to the close ties of the salernitan director Elvira Coda Notari with the production of films for the USA market, in particular for the Neapolitan emigrants abroad. The author imagines for a moment that Elvira, caught in the grip of fascist censorship and as troublesome figure since forerunner “neorealist”, was forced to move to New York to freely continue his artistic work, which first of all she had begun in Italy, making use of the musical productions than in the same period were raging in the United States beginning from Charleston to the music of a young Louis Armstrong. The author imagines that she as good precursor, would embrace, advance with the times, the new color techniques, invented new film formats such as 16: 9 and also produced cartoon, the innovative film industry that would have great spread over the following decades. In any case without ever forgetting of its own land of origin.
Author’s notes: Elvira was born 141 years ago in my own hometown… 😉

All rights reserved coraggio.it
Made in September 14 © 2016
Salerno, Italy


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I MACCATURI (il video)
da un’idea-progetto
di Adele Lo Feudo e Gianni Termine
tutti i diritti riservati © 2016
14 foto della Calabria scattate da Gianni e reinterpretate da Adele che ha dipinto su
maccaturi di seta. La tradizione del maccaturo ed i suoi significati concreti e simbolici ha coinvolto altri 105 artisti con l’obiettivo comune di non disperdere i valori del passato.
Sottofondo musicale: Canti della tradizione Italiana, Tedesca, Francese e Russa.
Montaggio video: Marco Coraggio
Salerno, Italia, 28 Luglio © 2016


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(A side & B side)
by Marco Coraggio
over 1,300 metal staples (also colored) of the various staplers from my office, on both sides of cloth
size 35 x 35 cm
Salerno, Italy – May 31 © 2016

Realizza l’opera “Marcaturo” per la mostra “I maccaturi” realizzata da un’idea-progetto di Adele Lo Feudo e Gianni Termine. Tutti i diritti riservati © 2016.
14 foto della Calabria scattate da Gianni e reinterpretate da Adele che ha dipinto su
maccaturi di seta. La tradizione del maccaturo ed i suoi significati concreti e simbolici ha coinvolto altri 105 artisti con l’obiettivo comune di non disperdere i valori del passato.


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Liberamente tratto da un sogno di Marco Coraggio
(Genere fantasy)
GENIUS LOCI è un video a favore dell’onestà intellettuale!
Soundtrack “Carmina Burana” di Carl Orff © 1935/1936
Location: Castello d’Arechi (III sec. d.C.-2016) – Crescent (2009-2016)
Salerno, Italia – 27 Aprile © 2016
Freely adapted from a dream of Marco Coraggio
(Fantasy genre)
GENIUS LOCI is a video in favor of intellectual honesty!
Soundtrack “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff © 1935/1936
Location: Arechi’s Castle (3rd century BC-2016) – Crescent (2009-2016)
Salerno, Italy – April 27 © 2016


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Video istallazione by CCD
Salerno, Marzo 
© 2016

In anteprima il 6 Marzo 2016, fino al 28 Marzo 2016, presso il Museo Diocesano San Matteo di Salerno, per la collettiva d’arte contemporanea “NEL SEGNO DELLA CROCE” a cura del portale web di promozione territoriale 7salerno (sevensalerno.it) in collaborazione con 7network e con il Museo Diocesano San Matteo di Salerno, in occasione della Rassegna SALERNO CITTÀ D’ARTE 2016.


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Video by Marco Coraggio
Made in Salerno, Italy
Thursday, March 3, © 2016

At LE RITUEL ROUGE / THE RED RITUAL exibition for Italiart Festival 2016
Courtesy by curator Francesca Lolli
from 3 march to 30 april
at ABC – Association Bourguignonne Culturelle, Dijon, France
THE RED RITUAL (una mostra sul ciclo mestruale)
dal 3 marzo al 30 aprile
ABC – Association Bourguignonne Culturelle
ItaliArt Festival 2016, Dijon, France

THE RED RITUAL avec : Elena Adamou , Mariam, Al Ferjani Filippo Ciccioli, Marco Coraggio Nicola Fornoni, GattuZan Francesca Lolli , Said Rais Paolo Stoppani

LE RITUEL ROUGE (Performance et Exposition) Certains aspects de la dimension féminine sont considérées comme un tabou encore aujourd’hui. Le cycle menstruel est encore une cause de honte, gêne et dans certaines cultures il est cause de péché. Un grand nombre de recherches anthropologiques a souligné que dans les civilisations les plus anciennes, le cycle menstruel et le corps de la femme ont été considérés comme la clé de la vie, le sang menstruel a été considéré comme saint, un générateur de vie. Les cultures patriarcales ont contribué à conditionner l’expression de la féminité dans ses formes. En ce qui concerne la période menstruelle on a développé le sens de culpabilité, la souillure, la honte et la création de ce type le tabou. Comme commissaire et artiste qui participe à l’exposition, je vais demander à certains artistes internationaux (hommes et femmes – encore à définir -) parce que j’ aime penser que l’art est fidèle à lui-même qu’ il n’y a pas de sexisme pour créer des vidéos sur le thème du cycle menstruel et de ses conséquences sociales.


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Original idea by Marco Coraggio

Soundtrack: “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune”, Claude Debussy, Paris 1894
Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and Igor Markevitch © 2013

Photo shoots and video editing: Marco Coraggio

Made in Salerno, Italy
Thursday, December 3, © 2015

All rights reserved coraggio.it

Synopsis: The author inspired by the notion of the beauty of the natural and uncontaminated landscape, reinterprets the human body watching it with new eyes and from particular points of view, so widening its aesthetic value.